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Related post: Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 11:57:14 -0700 (PDT) From: Jayson Vascardi Subject: Return of the Heirs - Chapter 24Harry Potter and the Return of the Heirs By J.C. Vascardi* * *Disclaimer: All characters and places featured in this story that relate to Harry Potter are the property of J.K. pedoland illegal Rowling, various publishers, and Warner Brothers. I am not profiting from this story and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. The only things about this story that I own are the storylines, pedophilia pree pictures places and characters that are not in pedo child kds porno the books.* * * Chapter Twenty-Four * * *"Draco?" Harry asked."What?" Draco asked as he turned pedofilia porno little to look at Harry, fear clearly showing in his eyes. Fear that he had just lost Harry as a friend.Harry just looked at the blond for a moment, before he leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on Draco's lips. Pulling away, he said, "I like you, too.""Am I dreaming?" Draco asked after a moment."Can you feel this?" Blaise asked as he reached under the blanket and pinched one of Draco's toes."Ouch!" Draco said. "Of course I can feel that!"Draco looked rather pissed at Blaise until he said, "Well, then you're not dreaming.""You're gay?" Draco asked as he looked at Harry."I'm fairly sure, yes," answered Harry. "I think when a bloke willingly loses his virginity to another bloke it's a good indicator that he's gay.""Who did you lose it too?" Blaise asked with a look of interest on his face."Please pedo girl naked tell me it wasn't Weasley," Draco said before Harry could say anything."It was Weasley," Harry said, knowing that Draco was probably referring to Ron and he just wanted to torture him for a few seconds. He wasn't lying after all, because he had lost his virginity to a Weasley, just not the Weasley that Draco was thinking of."Oh bloody hell, Harry," Draco said. pedoworld child "How galleri pedo art could you ever do it pedo file pics with Weasley?""I think he's quite handsome actually," Harry said with a grin."Handsome?" Draco asked with a look of utter horror on his face. "Are you crazy?""You've obviously never seen his layout in Playwitch," Harry said with a grin, as both Draco and Blaise's jaws dropped open."You mean Playwitch magazine?" Blaise asked, as Harry nodded. "How could Weasley have a layout in Playwitch? He's not even old enough to get a subscription barely legal pedo pics let alone pose for it.""Wait a minute," Draco said, as a look of comprehension spread across his face, "I get the feeling that Harry is playing with us.""Are you?" Blaise asked."Well, you asked if I lost my virginity to Weasley," Harry said. "I said yes, which is true because I did. Just not the Weasley you think it is. Ron does have five older brothers you know.""Okay, now I'm intrigued," commented Blaise. "Question is, which Weasley?""You both have to swear to me that you won't youngest real pedo tell a pedosex top soul," Harry said."Why?" Draco free pedo naked pic asked."Just swear you won't tell anyone," Harry said, "or I won't tell you.""I swear not to tell anyone," Blaise said, pedophilia video free porn before Draco added, "So do I.""The bloke I lost my virginity to," Harry said, "and took the virginity of, I might add, is the oldest of Ron's brothers, also known as our Potions professor, Bill Weasley.""Damn," Blaise said. "He is hot.""You actually had sex with our Potions professor?" Draco asked."Yeah," Harry said. "He wasn't a professor pedo 15 yr naked at the time though. We've been exchanging owls with one another for over a year now and have become good friends. He helped me pedo ftp sites quite a bit over the summer in terms of my coming to terms with being gay. He was helping me celebrate my birthday and one thing lead to another, and before I knew it, we were shagging each other senseless.""So are you still doing it?" Blaise asked."No, we're not," answered Harry. "Bill and I haven't pedo wordlist been together since the day before school started. pedofilia sex teens I wanted to continue our fling, but he told me it was against school rules for him to be with me, because I'm only 16. He did consent virgin little ru pedo to give me one final kiss pedo dark angel after school started, but that's it.""What did you mean earlier when you said you liked me?" Draco asked."Exactly what it sounded like," Harry said. "I like you, Draco. I've pretty much known I was probably gay since mid-way through third year, but I tried to ignore it, because I didn't want pedophil photos to be gay. I'm an orphan after all, so I've always wanted to have children, so being gay didn't really fit into my 15 yo fhotos pedo plans.""Just because you're gay doesn't mean you can't have kids," Blaise said."Yeah, I know that now," said Harry. "I didn't know that though until a few weeks ago. Somehow, the subject of marriage and children never came up when Bill was helping me come to terms with being gay. He never told me that the Wizarding world's opinion on such things is different from that of the Muggle world's. loltas illegal pedo I think he thought I was pedophile amsterdam photos sickened at the thought of being gay because of one of my crushes.""Crushes?" Draco asked."Yeah," answered Harry. "My first crush was on Oliver Wood. I happened to see illegal pedofilia him in the shower once after Quidditch practice mid-way through third year. I've had a few fantasies about Oliver. That's why I didn't sign up for his Art class, because I figured dealing with Bill in Potions would be enough of a strain.""Why would a crush on Oliver Wood sicken you?" Blaise asked. "He's very cute. Professor Cromwell is a very lucky man, if you ask me.""Well, it wasn't my crush on Oliver that sickened me," Harry revealed. illegal underground pedo pics "It was my crush on Cedric Diggory that sickened me. pedo angels xxx I had several teenies pedo pics fantasies about him during fourth year and much to my horror, they didn't stop when he died, so I was feeling pretty sick about that.""I would never have pinned you as a necrophiliac, Harry," Blaise pedo porn thumbs said."I'm not," Harry said. "I hot pedo links never fantasized about doing it with Cedric's corpse. He pedo porn boys pics was always alive pedo pictures of girls in my fantasies. Long story short, young girl video pedo he let me use the Prefect's bathroom in my fourth year to deal with one of the Tri-Wizard clues and my fantasies always had him coming in while I was in the bath, stripping, getting in the tub with me, and then we'd start making out. What sickened me was that I still had that fantasy tiny pedo fucks a few times after he died.""Well, I don't blame you, pedo teen photos I suppose," Draco said. "Cedric was certainly hot in his own way. Not really my type though. So, Harry let's back to the subject of you liking me."* nude pedo pics free * *Meanwhile, pedo pics movies Professor Dumbledore and Nicholas Delaney were in Professor Snape's office, asking him if he'd be willing to help with the potion that Slytherin had spoken teen nude pedo sven of."What exactly do I have pedo creampies to do?" Snape asked."Donate some blood," Dumbledore answered. "Salazar said that the potion would require a few drops of blood from someone in Voldemort's service. I know pedo teen gallery that you are technically in my service, but you are a marked Death Eater, so, password sex site pedo your blood will ukrain pedo porn fit the bill. We will assian pedo sex also need to extreme incest pedo portal make use of your brewing skills. You may not tiny pedo child free be the Potions professor anymore, but you are a certified Potions master, unlike Professor Weasley."Professor Snape looked at Dumbledore pedo nudist gallery and said, "I shall grant small pedo tgp my assistance.""Excellent," Dumbledore said. "Mr. Delaney can fill you in further. I have an appointment at the Ministry, so I shall have to take my leave now."With a nod, Dumbledore stood and left the room, leaving Nick alone with Professor Snape."So, you are really Slytherin's heir?" Snape asked."Yes, sir," Nick answered."Well, let us not waste anymore time then," Snape said. "Where is the recipe for the potion?""I don't have it with me," child porn links pedo Nick answered. "It's in a book of Salazar's most secret recipes, all of which he created himself. He's asked that none of his recipes be removed from his lab, so I'll have to take you pedo photo free pic there.""Shall we go pedo lilita xxx then?" Snape asked as he stood."Sure," Nick said, as he stood and led very young boy pedo Professor Snape out of his office.* * *Following Dumbledore's departure to talk with Professor Snape, Poppy left the Headmaster's office and headed back to the Hospital Wing. Entering the ward, she pedo photos collection stopped dead in her tracks as she saw that while she was gone, Blaise and Harry had come to visit with Draco. Normally she would be striding across the room to kick them out for coming in without pedoworld forum permission, but she was delayed by the shock of seeing Harry kissing Draco on the lips."I really do like you, Draco," Harry said as he pulled away. "I would not venture so far as to say I'm in love with you, as we've been bitter enemies for years now and I'm only just beginning to get to know the real you. Though, I must say that the more I get to know the real Draco, and not the stuck-up prick you were in years past, I can honestly say that there is a very real possibility that I could fall in love with you.""Oh Harry, you don't know how happy that makes me," Draco said. "I know I didn't act like it, but I've loved you for pedo sex yo a while now. I hope I haven't just scared you off by saying that, but I figured I should be honest.""I appreciate the honesty, Draco," Harry said. "And no, you haven't scared me off. I'm a Gryffindor, remember?""True," Draco said with a smile. "And not just any Gryffindor, either. You're actually descended from Godric Gryffindor.""Whoa, wait a minute," Blaise interrupted. "Descended from Godric Gryffindor?""Yeah, it's true, Blaise," Harry said. "In addition to finding out that my name is Aarik Potter I also found out that I'm related to Godric Gryffindor. I met him last night. He's actually not the nicest of people.""Met him?" Blaise asked, as he raised an eyebrow."Well, his portrait," Harry amended. "As his heir, I'm the only one who can open his private quarters. I did and I met his portrait. He's furious with Salazar, but then again, Salazar is equally furious with him, so it's not fun getting the two of them in the same frame.""And why, pray, are they so mad at each other?" Blaise asked.Harry then explained to Blaise about everything that had been going on recently. He made sure to leave out any mention of what had been learned about Voldemort and Tom Riddle, or about Sirius being in the Hells. Upon finishing his tale, Madam Pomfrey walked little pedo young over world pedo pics and startled all three boys when she spoke."As interesting as all this is," Poppy said, "I'm afraid you'll both have to leave. Mr. Malfoy needs his rest.""I'm fine, Madam Pomfrey, really," Draco said. "Please don't make them go."Poppy gave Draco a stern look that made it quite clear that he could argue all he wanted, but she wasn't going to change her mind."Both of you," Poppy said as she turned to Blaise and free young pedo thai Harry. "Out, now.""Yes, ma'am," Harry said as he and Blaise stood and headed towards the doors.Before leaving the room though, Harry turned to look at Draco and blew pedofilia pretten him a kiss, which caused Draco to smile.* * *Arriving in Slytherin's quarters, Nick invited Professor pedo raped Snape in and then walked over to the large frame hanging over the fireplace."Salazar," Nick hissed in Parseltongue to get his ancestor's attention, before switching to English and saying, "May I present Hogwarts' Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Severus Snape. He's also the Head of Slytherin House."Severus bowed and said, "It is an very small pedo lists honor to meet pedo pics top 100 you."Salazar simply nodded, before he said, "I take it you'll want to get started on the potion immediately?""Yes, Professor Dumbledore is anxious to get it brewed," Nick said. "He wants to see Tom Riddle and try and assess how dangerous a rescue mission would be.""Tom banned pedo sites Riddle?" Severus asked, pedo rape pic who had not been informed of the exact use of the potion, only that a required ingredient was the blood of someone in Voldemort's service. "Why in Merlin's name would Professor Dumbledore want to rescue Voldemort?""He doesn't," answered Nick. "It's recently come to light that Tom Riddle is not Voldemort. To make a long story short, Tom Riddle has been Voldemort's prisoner under a Dark Arts version of the Time Suspension Charm since the spring of 1942. Voldemort is, in fact, a lesser devil whose goal here on Earth is to turn it into the Tenth Hell and usurp Asmodeus' place as King of the Hells.""How in Merlin's name did a lesser devil get here?""I'm afraid I have to shoulder the blame for that," Salazar answered. "I summoned him to Earth in 862, so that porno kid pedofilia he could divine when my heir would find my Chamber of Secrets, and pedo hottest sites to assist me to breed the basilisk and keep it alive until that time. I didn't realize it at the time, but Voldemort cast some extra spells which would summon him back when my heir, Tom Riddle, found my Chamber.""So, where is your lab, Salazar?" Nick asked after a few moments of silence."Through the large oak forbidden sex pedo stories door at the end of that hallway," Salazar said as he pointed to an archway across the room. "Like my Chamber of pedo pics blog Secrets, Parseltongue is required to open the door. I'll meet you pedo top teen down there."Nick nodded and the motioned for Professor Snape to follow him. Arriving at the door, Nick hissed, "Open up," which triggered the sound of numerous tumblers sliding out of their locked position, before finally the door swung open to reveal a dark staircase.Stepping forward into the darkness, Nick was momentarily surprised that the torches did not light themselves, as most torches pedo nymph in the Wizarding World tend to do. He didn't dwell on it though as he pulled out his wand and pointed it at a nearby torch and said, "Incendio!"The torch burst to life and Nick couldn't help but notice that once the torch at the top of the stairs lit, pedo sext stories the others further down followed suit. Putting his wand away, Nick then began to descend the steep stone stairs, with Professor Snape following close behind him.At the bottom of the stairs, an archway opened up into a cavernous room. Two walls were pedo cp link dedicated to bookshelves that were packed with litle porno pedo books Nick assumed were about Potions. The other two walls were dominated by cabinets with glass doors, which held a wider variety of potions ingredients then he had ever seen. In the center of the room, a massive workstation held ten cauldrons of pedofilia 14yr various sizes and materials."Wow," Nick said as he looked around. "And I thought my grandmother's potions lab back in Marseille was impressive. This is amazing.""Yes, it is," agreed Severus."You'll find the book you need there," Salazar said as he pointed to one of the hot young girl pedo pedo in japan bookcases. Nick looked where Salazar was pointing and noticed a small cabinet in one of pedo pics boys the bookshelves, a door with no visible knob."You will need to speak Parseltongue to open the door," child sex pedo Salazar said.Nick nodded, went over to the cabinet and hissed at it in Parseltongue. The door glowed green for a moment before popping open to reveal a large volume bound in black dragonhide resting inside. Picking up the book, Nick brought it over to a nearby bookstand and noticing incest pedo blog that it was locked, and he had seen no key, Nick hissed at the book, as Salazar just smiled and said, "You're catching on, Nicholas. fotos pedo virgin The potion you rape angels pedo want is on page 239."Nick opened the book to page 239 and looked dream nude pedo down at the page. The potion was very complicated, containing many ingredients Nick had petite pedo never heard of. He also couldn't help but notice that it said it would take twenty-four hours to brew. Nick knew that compared to some other potions, such as the Polyjuice Potion, which took a month to brew, twenty-four little teen boys pedo hours was a short brewing time. Nick was glad, however, that Professor Snape would be doing the brewing, because pedo dark nymph kiddie while he did have an Outstanding Potions OWL, Nick had never attempted to brew anything with a brewing time of more than six hours.Nick was so engrossed in looking over the ingredients on the page that he didn't notice Professor free ilegal pedo pic Snape coming over to stand behind him. Looking down at the page, Severus asked, "What is this nonsense?""What do you mean nonsense?" Nick asked, with a perplexed look on his face."You mean you can read this?" Severus asked."Of course," Nick said, before he asked, "You can't?""No, I can't."Nick looked back down at the page kiddy pedo xxx and mini pedo fuck thought for a moment, before a light went on in his head, looked up at Salazar's portrait and asked, "Salazar is this written in Parseltongue?""Indeed it is, my boy," Salazar porno pedo blog confirmed. "The recipes in that book are all of my most secret creations. So, I took great pains to make sure that nobody would ever be able to steal them from me.""Professor Dumbledore asked if I would brew the potion," Severus said, "as I am a certified Potions master, but I cannot brew a potion from a recipe I cannot read.""That is true," Salazar said. "I just want to make sure that my secret recipes don't fall into the wrong hands. You are a marked Death Eater are you not? Which means you must see Voldemort young lollita pedo from time to time and I would not want him learning my secrets.""I am a master Occlumens," Severus said. free pedo boy movies "I also play my part very well. Voldemort doesn't suspect that I'm even the slightest bit disloyal to him. I assure you that if he kinder pedo baby sex did, I would not be manga pedo hentai alive right now.""Well, don't be so sure," cautioned Salazar. "In preparing to summon Voldemort, I did quite a bit of free pedo porn gallery Demonology research and one thing one must always remember about devils is that they will rarely outright kill a person. They would rather take pleasure in watching the person suffer. That is why Voldemort has held Tom Riddle pedo virgin download child prisoner all of these years. He enjoys torturing him much pedo bss more than he enjoys killing. Devils are creatures of the outer planes and they are small children pictures pedo immortal, so children pedo world they tend to not think of death as the ultimate punishment as humans do."Nick got a horrified look on his face and asked, "If Voldemort free young pedo art is immortal then how do we stand a chance of defeating him?""Ultimately, the only chance of defeating him," Salazar answered, "does not lie in killing him, but in finding some way to banish him back to the Hells. Before that can happen, though, it will be necessary to find a way to remove the Dark Mark from his Death Eaters. As long as there is even one marked Death Eater, banishing him is impossible. At any rate, Nicholas, you'll find a quill, ink, and parchment in my desk. You have my permission to translate the potion recipe for Professor Snape. Once you've done that you should take a list of the necessary youn pedo plant ingredients and kiddy pedo hentai ask Zacharias to retrieve them from Helga's greenhouse."Nick nodded and after gathering quill, ink, and parchment, he sat down and began to copy the recipe out of Salazar's book.* lola pedo gallery * *To be continued.Well, there you have Chapter 24 of Heirs. What did y'all think? Review and let me know! I love hearing from you.
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